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Newbridge Press is a small imprint dedicated to publishing work relating to the watercolour artist Catherine Brennand. 
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How to order
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Three Blokes in a Dodge; a clockwise journey around the American south west by Mark Brennand
(Published September 2009.  ISBN: 9-780-956-3499-03)
A personnel tribute to Catherine based on a road trip to the American south west in the Summer of 2008
RRP: £6.99
Catherine Brennand's France
(Published September 2010.  ISBN: 9-780-956-3499-10)
A coffee table artbook celebrating the French paintings of Catherine Brennand.
RRP: £25.00


London's West End; Jermyn Street & Bond Street
By Catherine Brennand
Foreword by Harry Mount 
(Published September 2012. ISBN 9-780-956-5499-2-7)
RRP: £15.00